Google Ads Services Sydney - Australia

Google AdWords Set Up

Getting an effective Google AdWords campaign in Sydney, Australia is becoming harder and harder. With the emergence of Google AI, established agencies and in-house experts; making sure you get the best possible Google Ads set up is essential. That is why at SB Digital, our team will carry out a full campaign set up completely free of charge. Keyword research is included in our monthly fees, so you won’t have to part with any of your management budget until after the campaign has been running. We also ensure that everything is under your name so you will always have full control and ownership over your own Google Ads account.

Ads Banner

Whether you wish to target multiple ad groups, locations, languages, or target audiences; our team of specialists can cover each area to make sure you get the best from your media spend. Our aim is not simply to get more traffic to your website, but to gain good conversions and increase those conversions over time. Furthermore, we wish to increase your Quality Score with Google so that the cost to you reduces, whilst still maintaining or increasing your impressions, clicks and conversions.

As part of our Google campaign set up, our team after having confirmed target locations, Ad Groups and audience, then focus on determining effective goals and conversions. We can then set which payment metric is most suitable for us to use between Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Impressions (CPI), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or use call only ads.

Account Optimisation

The next step is to create multiple Ads for each Ad Group, this is to allows Google’s system to identify which Ad is the most effective and delivers the best results. We will also then look at setting target keywords for each Ad Group which will be defined as either Broad, Exact or Phrase Match.

Remarketing has become an essential tool in an effective online marketing campaigns arsenal. Within Google you can remarket your website to potential customers through either search or display, utilising the Google Display Network. SB Digital will discuss the most effective remarketing strategy for you and your business at the very start of our working relationship. We will then recommend how to effectively use both Search and Display to generate as many enquiries as possible.

SB Digital, as part of any digital marketing campaign, but especially for Google Ads, will ensure Google Tag Manager is set up. This is in order to consolidate all of your tracking codes and pixels to allow easier conversion tracking through platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager.

On-going Improvements

We will then run the campaigns once approved, they will be monitored consistently throughout each week to maintain and improve performance, coupled with regular housekeeping activities such as adding new negative keywords and avoiding any wasted Ad spend. Thereafter you will receive monthly reporting on all activities, including Impression Share, Clicks, Conversions, Average Cost Per Click, budget spent, and most importantly Cost Per Conversion. This is to make sure you understand the true value of what we are doing and how your dollars are being invested.

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